Oxford Workshop 09/04/22- Stop and search, bystander intervention and how to Copwatch

We’ve got a workshop coming up in Oxford on 09/04/22 at Blackbird Leys Community Centre with Oxford Copwatch, other groups, and community members who want to monitor the police in their county. The event will be starting from 2pm and our founding member John and fellow cop watcher Ahmed from our core team are heading to Oxford to deliver a workshop on Stop and Search, subject access requests, bystander intervention and how to Copwatch. 

Both speakers have lived experiences of police harassment and trauma from police contact and stop and search. They will also be discussing the national phenomenon of Copwatch groups emerging across the UK and how we can work together to hold the police to account!

Here is an interview with Ahmed from 2020 with Weston Supermare Black Lives Matter to give you an understanding of his disgusting treatment by Avon and Somerset Police. We’re very pleased to say things have begun to improve for him since then and with a data protection breach claim against Avon and Somerset Police it looks like things are heading the same way for John.

It’s been eye opening and rewarding supporting both of them and we are still actively supporting others in the community who are on the sharp end of police harassment and abuse of power. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to connecting with other cop watchers on the 9th of April! This year let’s show the police what time it is.

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