RAW Summit 2021 ‘Know your rights’ – 23/09/21

Bristol Copwatch is proud to support StopWatch RAW Summit 2021 Look out for us on the morning of the 23rd. We will be hosting a workshop on bystander intervention. A link to Eventbrite to order your tickets will shortly be available on our events page.

‘John Pegram (Copwatch) leads a workshop focusing on bystander intervention, or passive observation of a stop or arrest on the street. John takes a look at how to conduct yourself on the street and how to ‘cop watch’, what questions you should and should not ask, how to film the police and why it matters’.

“Portrait of Basquiat being welcomed by the Metropolitan Police.” Art by Banksy

John is the founding member of Bristol Copwatch and a community activist. He has been involved with anti-racist campaigning for many years and has been monitoring police since 2018. He has been on the receiving end of racial profiling and has been stopped and searched 53 times in his life.

John was dragged through the criminal justice system at a young age and understands the trap of the cycle many Black youth find themselves caught up in, he understands the trauma police can create, and is one of several members of the team who have lived experience of police harassment and targeting. We feel this event is important and empowering for communities across the UK and we look forward to making a positive contribution.

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